Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Celebrating 150 Years of Combined Hospitality

In September of 2011 Colonial Pines Inn and the 4 1/2 Street Inn had a party for the town to celebrate our combined 150 years of hospitality in Highlands. We are 100 years young, and Colonial Pines Inn is 50 years young. We blocked off 4 1/2 Street and shared food, music, and dancing. It was the talk of the town for the rest of the year leaving everyone demanding a repeat performance, but nothing could ever match or be as perfect as the celebration we had that night. Below are some of the pictures of our magical evening.
Left to right: Chris & Donna Alley (Colonial Pines Inn); Rick & Helene Siegel ( 4 1/2 Street Inn) Jake (4 1/2 Street Inn is in front.

Crowd in front of Colonial Pines Inn

Left to right: Chris Alley, Rick Siegel, Donna Alley

Chris Alley and Rick Siegel grilling hot dogs

Chris Alley, Donna Alley, Helene Siegel, Rick Siegel celebrating a job well done

Helene and Rick Siegel in marital bliss

Tables being set up awaiting guests

Donna Alley happily awaiting her party guests

Friends enjoying a good time

Ricky grilling his little heart out

Party guests enjoying the food before the crowds

Helene Siegel, wishing she could join them

Major lungs creating beautiful music

Donna Alley and Helene Siegel appreciating each others friendship

The band having a great time

An adorable salute to Mardi Gras

The band rocked! This is Donna Alley's brother. They were so good they have all ready been invited back to other Highlands events!